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Read some student testimonials (adult contemporary lessons) 

Lody Meijer

Maroula's contemporary class is leaving me full of energy, excitement and ideas. Maroula has a very uplifting character. As a beginner she empowers me to take my dance-techniques and skills for dance improvisation to a new level. Think: uptempo, encouraging, playful and fun!

Evita De Roode

Geweldige les, prettige sfeer, inspirende en creative docent. Aanrader!


Geweldig! Enorm inspirerende les met fijne opbouw. Veel creativiteit en ruimte om zelf te ontdekken op de vloer. Maroula gebruikt haar hele lichaam, zet veel vloeiende bewegingen in en vraagt je als danser je lichaam volledig in te zetten op alle facetten. Echt een aanrader.

Amber de Been

This course is a great addition to the current contemporary scene in Rotterdam. In case you are looking for a fun and challenging course on floorwork, this is for you!

Juliette Douet

Inspiring and encouraging environment

Fun and Inspiration

After having taken a break from dancing for a while, it was really nice to have such an encouraging and inspiring teacher like Maroula! I really enjoyed coming back every week, as the environment with the other dancers was really accepting and open as well. I learned a lot of new techniques and ideas, and really enjoyed the choreography.

Rosa Lens

Flow, Fun, Energetic, Divergent.


I love the energy of Maroula! She is a loving person and she enjoys the class as much as the students do. She has allot of material she wants to share so any dancer can find something they like in this class.

Jay Hoogenboom

Maroula's enthusiasm is inspiring! Nice classes with a lot of positive energy!

Elrozy Andrinopoulou

Nice atmosphere, great choreography, cool lesson!


The lessons were structured in a very good way. The teacher split the choreography in small steps so that at the end you could combine everything smoothly and enjoy dancing! I learnt a lot of new things while the teacher created a nice atmosphere.

Anneloes van Schuppen

Enjoyed it very much and learned a lot, plus Maroula brings such a positive atmosphere!

Evita Bizune

Fun and challenging
I loved Maroula's energy and dynamics that she brought to the class. She has a playful teaching manner and definitely makes the class fun, while keeping it challenging!

Marialena Michailidou

I absolutely enjoyed Maroula's class. I consider floorwork the style that is missing from Rotterdam! Hope it continues.

Roan Kasanmonadi

Would recommend, loved the vibe, cool material, amazing teacher!

I loved Maroula's enthusiasm, her professionalism in explaining the exercises and giving feedback, and the movement material!! It was too bad that the studio was reasonably small but I do understand how difficult it is to find big studios in Rotterdam and I felt like Maroula was truly able to work her way around it! It was a good class for both intermediate and advanced dancers.

Katarzyna Althoff

I love it!

Very nice and dynamic lesson, very positive energy.

Inmaculada Perez

It was a nice experience, I enjoyed how the lesson developed. Maroula made the lesson dynamic and playful.

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